Jan 30, 2011

Organic Labeling

Here's a recent article from the LA Times discussing organic labeling and why there aren't more wineries with the label.  This is a great article, discussing sulfites and the controversy surrounding these additives.  As Tony says in the article, regarding his choice to keep the organic label off his wines,  "It confuses the public.  Plus, a lot of wineries would piggyback on me. If a consumer has a bad wine and it's an organic wine, they could turn on the whole category."

January 2011 New Releases

Check out our new releases!  Place your orders soon, or you might miss out!

2007  Cabernet Sauvignon Testa Vineyards
$32.00 per bottle
$25.60 per bottle for wine club members
Did you enjoy the 2004 vintage?  Well, we would recommend ordering some of this vintage right away!  There were only 275 cases produced!

2007 Syrah Crane Vineyards
$30.00 per bottle
$24.00 per bottle for wine club members
Only 125 cases produced!

2008 Petite Sirah Testa Vineyards
$30.00 per bottle
$24.00 per bottle for wine club members
225 cases produced!

Quantity discounts offered for purchases of 1 or more cases on any of our wines!

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Tony just received an invitation from his favorite Italian winery to attend a natural wine fair.  Tony was invited by his favorite wine producers, the Bea family.  Stay tuned--Tony might be venturing over to Italy soon!

Hello Tony,
    I am Giampiero Bea happy, son of Paul Bea happy of one of the wines from you more beloved: the Sagrantino Montefalco DOCG. Tank's very much, for this!

As you will remember, our method of job (philosophy) in the vineyard and in the wine cellar is very similar to your way: no herbicides, not fertilizers of synthesis, no assistant yeasts, not enzymes, not additions and controls temperatures, not filtering, no forced stabilizations. For these essential motives, I have founded in Italy a movement I am the name of True Wines, from the last year become Consortium [ www.viniveri.net ]. Our principal objective is that to make to know to the whole world this healthy idea of job, that first of all defends the nature and the identity of the tastes to make to come on the table a healthy drink for the one who fortune has to drink it.

Among our missions there is to organize a fair of the "Natural Wines" during the same period in which the European greatest fair of the wine develops him and perhaps of the World: the "VINITALY" in Verona town.

Such our exposure develops him to around 20 miles from the city of Verona.

Currently I am also the President of the Consortium ViniVeri that organizes such event under the name "VinoVinoVino". This year the edition 2011 will have carrying out during the days 7-8-9 April 2011. I am very pleased to invite to participate you. I would feel me honorable to be able to see you among the exhibitors of this event that it intends to be a point of reference for the wines produced by the nature and not facts (built by the man). Waiting for to read soon you, dispatch kindest regards,
Giampiero Bea

Nov 11, 2010

Olive Harvest

Now that the grape harvest is over, it's time for the olive harvest!  

Arden, Phil's wife, has been making olive oil in Sonoma for many years.  She's also involved with several local olive oil tasting panels and in 2005 she went to Italy to take part in a tasting course to become an olive oil taste panel leader.  

Read this great article in our local newspaper, the Press Democrat, to learn more Arden and her great passion.

Nov 6, 2010

Dry Dock, Brooklyn

Dry Dock, a wine shop in Brooklyn, did a tasting of some of Coturri's wines on October 30th.  While Tony was not there, it sounds like a great time.  Check out their blog to learn more about the shop and about their tasting of Coturri wines.  (Scroll down a bit--we're under the sake review!)

On the Road

If you want to catch up with Tony at any of his upcoming wine tastings and wine dinners, here's his schedule for the end of November.

Wednesday, November 24th
558 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10016-3541
(212) 679-4455
5-8 p.m.

In-Store Wine Tasting. 
Friday, November 26th
Ten Tables Restaurant
597 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(617) 524-8810

Wine Tasting.  Contact the Jamaica Plain location for more information.

Saturday, November 27th
Formaggio Kitchen
244 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138-1328
(617) 354-4750
12-2 p.m.

Stand Up Wine Tasting.
448 Common St
Belmont, MA 02478
(617) 489 9463
4-7 p.m.

In-Store Wine Tasting.

Monday, November 29th 
118 Beacon Street
Somerville, MA 02143-4304
(617) 576-7700

Winemaker Dinner.  Call restaurant for reservations.

Tuesday, November 30th
Ten Tables Restaurant
5 Craigie Circle
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 576-5444

Winemaker Dinner.  4 courses of delicious food paired with 4 of Tony’s most delicious wines for $65 per person.  Contact the Cambridge location for details.

As we get more information and menus we'll post them.


Photographer Michael Grimm visited for a few days of harvest and took some beautiful pictures.  He has also put together a wonderful video that captures harvest in all its glory--including the dirt!  He has done an amazing job capturing Coturri Winery's harvest.  I hope you find the video as touching as we all did.

His pictures capture the hard workers of Coturri winery perfectly; he even managed to get everyone to take a brief moment out of their exhausting day and smile for the camera.

Take a moment to wander around Michael's blog.  He has more beautiful pictures and other great videos.

Oct 30, 2010

New Releases

Here's the latest list of new releases.  Order today before we run out!  And don't forget to join the Wine Club to get the best deals and the earliest information on everything Coturri.

2008 Primitivo Testa Vineyards
$30.00 per bottle
$24.00 per bottle for wine club members

2008 Albarello North Coast 
 $20.00 per bottle
$16.00 per bottle for wine club members

Non Vintage P. Coturri Zinfandel Sonoma Valley
$30.00 per bottle
 $24.00 per bottle for wine club members

Here to order, and here to join the Wine Club.

Tony and... Beer?

Tony's other great passion is beer.  Check out this article where Tony tours a brewery and learns about the positive side of Brettanomyces.  Check out some cameos from other Sonoma County residents, including the head brewer at Lagunitas Brewing Company.  (And if you want a little review, here's a link to Brettanomyces' Wikipedia page.)  The article comes from local periodical North Bay Bohemian, a great guide to life and culture in the North Bay.

Coturri Anniversary Dinner Photos

If you missed the party, or if you just weren't able to take enough pictures, here's a great gallery taken by Emily's husband, Oz Robledo.  Download any photos you like.  We'll be taken down the gallery at the end of November, so enjoy it before it disappears!

Check out Oz Robledo's other wonderful photos at his website.  He has taken some amazing nature photos; also check out his evocative "Places" photos and his adorable pet photos.

Tony's Latest Trip to Texas

Here's the latest from Cruz de Comal from Tony's late-October trip.  Check out the rest of the blog, Vintage Texas, a great blog for information about Texas wine and the industry in Texas.

Harvest 2010

It's here! It's here! After a loooong and cooler than normal summer, harvest has begun! It started a little slowly, but now we are in full swing here at the winery.

This season seemed to drag on a bit with the fog in the morning, and the highs reaching 80 if we were lucky.  We had a few "heat waves" over the past couple weeks, which helped push along the grapes.

Everyone is working as quickly and efficiently as possible to get everything pressed!  We can't wait to see how these grapes shape into great Coturri Wines!
(From Coturri Winery's Oct. 28, 2010 Newsletter)

Sep 23, 2010

Tony's New York Trip

We've gathered a few blog posts about Tony's recent trip to New York.

First, read a great summary of Tony's tasting at Thirst Wine Merchants, located in historic Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  Michael Yarmark has been a Coturri fan for years and the tasting at the shop he co-owns was phenomenal (it went on for almost three extra hours!).

Next, we have Tony's appearance at the Jenny & Francois Fall Preview.  The first article, from McDuff's Food and Wine Trail, gives a great overview of the entire event, reviewing nearly all the wines present.  (Tony's review is near the middle of the entry, under the heading "It Wasn't an All French Affair.")  This entry is part two, so if you'd like to read about all the wines, check out the first part as well.

The final article, from Karen Ulrich's blog Imbibe New York, focuses on Coturri wines, highlighting each wine that was at the Jenny & Francois Fall Preview.  Karen offers great tasting notes and great comments on the event as a whole.

Wine and Politics

Check out this article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  The article discusses legislation that is before the House regarding alcohol shipping laws.  A very interesting issue that could have an immense impact on Coturri Winery.

New Releases!

Announcing Coturri Winery's latest new releases!  Click here if you would like to order and click here if you would like to join the wine club to receive discounts.

2007 Estate Zinfandel
$30.00 per bottle
$24.00 per bottle for wine club members
~~If you enjoyed the Primitivo, you will also enjoy this new vintage of the Estate Zin~~ 
2007 Maclise Merlot
 $30.00 per bottle
$24.00 per bottle for wine club members
2009 Chardonnay Sonoma Valley
$30.00 per bottle
 $24.00 per bottle for wine club members